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As the song says, we should always strive to go up, up, and away in a beautiful balloon.  Many children and even adults have had this dream ever since they could remember.  Fortunately, with our friends at Tour2Sky, customers will be able to get the best of air balloon rides wherever they may be in the country and abroad.

Share a magical experience in the sky with your family or that special someone in under 40 to 60 minutes!  With this particular experience, you will get to enjoy seeing the sunrise right above the Las Vegas strip or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

What You Can Look Forward To

You will even enjoy a champagne toast up in the clouds during the tour.  It will certainly be a unique experience for both you and your special friend as soon as you set foot in our hot air balloon!

If you are not available at sunrise, we also have slots in the afternoons!  Just make sure to arrive 3 hours ahead of schedule so that we can properly brief you on what you can expect during the trip!  You will certainly enjoy seeing the sights in this 360° tour of various local and global landmarks.

Go Behind the Scenes!

Upon arrival, you will be able to see the launch pad and our Tour2Sky crew setting up the balloon.  You will even have the chance to become a crew member for the day and help set things up!  That is why we would like you to arrive at least 3 hours ahead of schedule.  To show you how things work!

It will certainly be an enjoyable and complete experience to see everything behind the scenes as well, right?

While in the air, the pilot will then point out various landmarks that would be of interest to you.  From various mountains to arid deserts, you will get to see it all with a bird’s eye view.  Because balloons go with the wind, there’s no telling where you can end up on the tour.  It would be best for you to bring a camera along for picture taking.

After the flight, you can help the crew pack things away and enjoy champagne with the pilot!  It will certainly be a unique experience out there!


Do you want to get to the location right away?  With Tour2Sky, you would not have to worry because we do offer hotel pickups if you book in advance.  Our local operators will be able to set up the pickup schedule and arrangements.  In addition, please set up the specific tour date as well as the number of participants with our operators for a smoother experience.

All you have to do is show up and enjoy the ride!  You can even cancel your booking and still get a full refund!  Just make sure to do this, 24 hours in advance.

Book Now!

What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and book a balloon tour now!  You will certainly not regret your decision to do so.  With Tour2Sky, you will get everything that you would want in a complete tour at such affordable prices.

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