Hot Air Balloon Rides Traverse City

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What is the best balloon rides in Traverse City?

  • Weekday Private Flight / Small Balloon in Traverse City
  • Weekend Private Flight / Large Balloon in Traverse City
  • Weekday AM Shared Flight in Traverse City
  • Weekend PM Shared Flight in Traverse City

From where does the departure occur?

Balloon flights usually start from Traverse City, etc. Find the exact information on the page of the tour.

How long does the flight take?

The hot air balloon flight lasts about an hour, depending on weather conditions and the suitability of the landing site, but you must set aside at least four hours for the entire experience. This includes the pilot's safety briefing, balloon preparation and packing, and the flight itself.

Is it safe to fly in a hot air balloon?

Hot air ballooning is an extremely safe activity. We are licensed and all of our hot air balloon pilots are full commercial pilot licenses.

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