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Make your first jump with the professionals at Skydive Oregon, the one and only Skydive Oregon in Molalla, since 1988. Don’t be fooled by websites that pretend to be us, or use similar sounding names to confuse you, there is only one Skydive Oregon, Inc. Jump where your friends and family have been jumping for over 33 years. Your experience benefits from our experience.

Our fleet of Large, well-maintained modern aircraft = more fun, more friends and more freefall for you. And our private airport dedicated to skydiving means we are focused on your safety and comfort, with large spectator viewing and picnic areas and no worries about other planes or people getting in the way. Skydive Oregon operates multiple large, modern turbine aircraft that hold big groups, so you and your friends can go together. Groups up to seven tandem passengers can all be together on the same plane. And we take you higher, to 14,500 or even 18,000 feet, so you get more freefall time. Don’t be fooled by all the crazy websites that claim to be closer to Portland or “any-city” Oregon or near Molalla. Before you give anyone your money, make sure you know where you are jumping, how long the company has been in business – you want the best experience for you and your friends and you want a reputable company, with years of experience, that uses the best equipment and large, modern, well maintained airplanes.

At Skydive Oregon, you’ll share a parachute system designed for two people with a fully licensed Tandem Instructor. You and your Tandem Instructor will exit the aircraft at an altitude of 14,500 feet (that’s higher than the top of Mt. Hood) and freefall at 120 mph for nearly one minute before opening your parachute. Following your freefall, you will enjoy a spectacular 5–7 minute parachute ride as you and your Tandem Instructor steer around the sky, while descending gently to the landing area.

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