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You all know that Bulgaria is now presented as the poorest country in the European Union, but a small part of you know about its rich natural resources-we have mountains, lowlands, valleys, sea, birds, butterflies, bears, vultures and orchids. Come and join our hiking tours or horse rides and convince yourself how rich we are indeed!

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Pass By: TOUR4FUN, 1, Център, ul. "Pop Bogomil", 1202 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

The flight tour will be 1 hour. The balloon leader will give you information about the places that you flight over during the tour. Price includes: Duration of the hot-air balloon flight; Hot-air balloon leader. Price doesn't include: Transfer and accommodation.
Bulgaria is a wonderful nook in the southeastern part of Europe. It abounds in wide plains and valleys, high rocky mountains, round hills and plateaus, meandering rivers, playful waterfalls, crystal - clear lakes, deep gorges and ravines, canyons, tempting lagoons, supernatural caves and warm mineral springs. Bulgaria has a wide variety of land and water formations.
Bulgaria is the second most biologically diverse nation in Europe. There are more than 12,360 plant species, 4,132 of which are vascular plants species according to Bulgarian Synopsis (2012). Of these, 808 are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria (2015), which lists rare or endangered species of plants and mushrooms. About 750 plant types have been registered as medicinal, and 70% of these are economically valuable. The country exports about 15,000 tons of herbs each year.The forested areas amount to about four million hectares, which is 36.85% of the territory of the country. Of the deciduous broad-leaved forests, the most widespread are oak and beech. The oak forests are in areas up to an elevation of 1,000 meters, and the beech forests are mainly in the country’s central mountain ranges. There are 20 different species of Oaks in Bulgaria. Dense forests have developed at the lower reaches of the rivers Batova, Kamchiya, Ropotamo and Veleka. Natural coniferous forests are found in areas up to 2,200 meters above sea level, and are the most widely spread in the Rhodope Mountains. They mainly consist of spruce, fir and white pine. Black fir grows in the Slavyanka and Pirin Mountains, and white fir grows in the Central Balkans, the West Rhodope, the Middle Pirin, Rila, and Vitosha.

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