Helciopter Rides in Page, AZ

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What will you see during a helicopter flight over Page?

  • Tower Butte
  • Glen Canyon
  • Lake Powell
  • Kaiparowitz Plateau
  • Grand Staircase 
  • Vermillion Cliffs

Why is a helicopter tour a good idea?

  1. The takeoff and excellent visibility from the sky give incredible emotions.
  2. You will see everything on a smaller scale, which give you the opportunity of better sense of direction.

From where does the departure occur?

Helicopter tours over Page usually start from Page heliport, etc. Find the exact information on the page of the tour

How long does the flight take?

From 10 to 60 minutes depending on the chosen tour. Pay attention to this while choosing.

Can I take photos during a helicopter tour over Page?

Sure. Your friends will see photos and be inspired by your experience!

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