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All tandem flights are held in the afternoon between 12PM-3PM. We are very particular when it comes to forecasting and wind directions for our tandem flights. We need a specific range of wind speed and a certain wind direction in order to ensure safety of pilot and tandem student.

Feel like running off a mountain side, or off a cliff near the San Francisco coast? Want to see the San Francisco bay area from the height of 2200 ft? Our tandem hang gliding pilots are among the best in the world. Having excellent safety records our pilots are ready to give you the flight of your life.

Someone special in your life having a celebration? Tandem flights make great gifts! Surprise them with the most unique gift they will ever receive.

East Bay Hang Gliding is a school dedicated to training pilots to be self sufficient. We also offer tandem flights to bring the student to the next level of soaring. All students going through the school training program will have the option of advanced tandem lessons for the normal package rate deal of $150.

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