Private Barcelona Balloon 2 Pax including Breakfast in Restaurant and Champagne

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Head into the skies above the Barcelona country on a safe and exciting hot air balloon flight at dawn. See the spectacular sights at sunrise as the wind currents carry you. Enjoy breakfast after your flight adventure.

This is more than just a 1-hour balloon flight in Barcelona Vic. Normally, it lasts around one hour and twenty minutes, depending on the weather conditions. A balloon flight in Catalonia is an experience that you always will remember. It will begin early in the morning with the sunrise. The preparation will last half an hour and it will be spectacular to see how the balloon gains shape as it warms up and starts to raise. You will be ready for take off.
When you are inside the basket, the pilot will give you a briefing and a test for the landing. Softly, nearly in a magical way, the balloon will leave the ground and start a path set up by the breeze because for an hour, all the passengers will be part of the wind. You will have an hour to look out at the world from a privileged balcony between the clouds.
The pilot will take the balloon to different heights looking for the most favorable currents of air so that the flight will be entertaining and varied. During the flight, observe all type of wildlife. There will also be no sudden or unpleasant movements. The basket is extraordinarily stable and it will seem as if the world is moving under you to offer its secret corners. The views and the sensations will be unforgettable. After a reminder of the briefing, the pilot will start to land, one of the funniest and most exciting moments of the balloon flight. After the landing, passengers can, if they wish, help to collect the balloon. This will be a good way to make the experience even more intense.

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